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Startup with the world's first interactive, educational tool to make estate planning more affordable to consumers. Responsible for design and specification of new product strategies 

  • Launched an online fundraising platform, FamilyFund, with 35 fundraisers and over $4000+ in transactions in the first month.

  • Launched EstateReady- a SaaS platform for lawyers to acquire and nurture leads- with 60+ lawyer monthly subscribers



Won Best Hack at Stanford Hackathon. Check out our Devpost

Built a comprehensive app that uses ML to reduce the time spent on EHR tasks so that physicians may have more time for seeing patients.

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Website director for the Undergraduate Students Association Council.

  • Designed and built the website from scratch and achieved traffic of over 2000-page views a month

  • The website is for informing students about resources available to them and increase the transparency of student government. 

Office of President Website


Developed a business plan as a project for the Anderson Graduate School of Management. Developed a 40-page detailed plan a new, interactive, AR filter game, Movely during the pandemic. Researched situation and marketing analysis. Worked on Product development, Ecosystem, Partnerships, Business Development, Financials, etc.



Highly Efficient Parking scheme with an integrated smart traffic light:


I have designed one of the most efficient parking layouts. It includes parking space, passage, entry, and exit poll as well as green areas where parking would normally not be possible. To avoid accidents an intelligent traffic system tells the driver where to park utilizes the least time.

Efficient Parking System


Packaging Machine:


I designed a packaging machine with recycled items and my robotics kit. It is capable to assembling small boxes for any occasion. I also conducted further study to test the most effective packaging techniques. This encouraged me to do an Internship at Sun Pharma.

Packaging Robot

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