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Flying Bomb Defusing Robot



Today, the world has become an unsafe place and India had the highest number of bombing accidents in 2015 and 2016. Diffusing the bombs spotted it can also a risk/claim the lives of the experts doing so.


The solution to the problems mentioned above, is my innovative robot, FBDR (Flying Bomb-Defusing Robot). This robot has many features that ensure that this is viable, efficient, useful, and innovative method to dispose of bombs. The paper is a critical review of the need for such a robot. The paper discusses the special features of the project that differentiate it from conventional designs. Followed by the discussion of the problem in detail and the solution. It provides the actual action plan to be implemented to diffuse a bomb. It provides the list of parts required and the schematic diagram of the circuits. Given that it is a newly developed technology, the paper concludes by analyzing the situation in India and discussing the future scope.


Some important functions and features are:

  • It is self-sufficient in terms of energy

  • It is semi-automatic

  • All-terrain capability

  • Anti-fake bomb system

  • Ultra-Avoidance

  • Emergency system

  • Efficient bio-mechanical arms controlled via hand movements

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